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9 thoughts on “Contact HCSS

  1. Oops, didn’t see the comment section and went straight to the emails.

    Do you lot usually gather at the Spread Eagle for every game?
    How many are you usually? (got a few mates from Hull coming down for the weekend).


  2. i have 4 tickets for hull at arsenal on saturday 3 adults 1 child cant get there. do you know any body who needs tickets at face value £90 cheers

  3. Further to my last post, Are the tickets set aside for HCSS all together, same area? If so I could go without a friend or helper?

    • Steve you will need to order for yourself and your friend. Your friend will need to be a HCSS member. Your friend can join using the “Join HCSS” page. The ticketing ordering page can be found in the “Members Services” menu.

  4. Hi, I’m a member of HCSS. I’m 63 and disabled (crutches). I would normally attend with my son who’s also a fan but he will be in France for the final. and sadly my brother is in Canada!
    Firstly , how much would a ticket be (if successful) and would it be possible to get one for a helper/ carer? Many thanks, Steve Jackson

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