HCSS Committee

The work of HCSS is guided by a committee and supporting cast of volunteers, who collectively deliver all aspects of our work – from responding to consultations from the FA to ordering tickets for away matches.

HCSS’s honorary president is BAFTA-nominated film director and Bridlington’s finest, MARK HERMAN.

Identities and contact details for our current committee are set out below.

HCSS Officers

  • Chairman: Rich Gardham, rich.gardham@hcss.org.uk
  • Treasurer: James Lockwood, james.lockwood@hcss.org.uk
  • Membership Secretary: Mike Scott, mike.scott@hcss.org.uk
  • Social Media: Lucy Tennison, lucy.tennison@yahoo.co.uk
  • General Counsel: Ian Thomson, ian.thomson@hcss.org.uk
  • Events Secretary and APFSCIL Representative: Paul Ashbridge, pashbridge@aol.com
  • Committee Member: Adrian Hoggarth
  • Committee Member: Andy Beill

HCSS Services

  • Ticket Organisers: Martin Batchelor (obtaining and distributing tickets) and Mike Scott (orders and payments), hcssorders@gmail.com
  • Travel Co-ordinator: Dan Heap, dan.heap@hcss.org.uk
  • Tigers Eye Editor: Andy Clark, agwclark@yahoo.com
  • Travel Guide Editor: Ian Thomson, ian.thomson@hcss.org.uk

HCSS Sports and Social

  • HCSS Football Club: Iain Armitage, i_armitage@hotmail.com
  • HCSS Pool: Steve Reed, stevej_r@hotmail.com
  • Social Secretary: Harvey Fletcher, harvey.fletcher@ymail.com

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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to order two tickets for the Liverpool game, but only Bournemouth comes up as an option. Does that mean that all the allocation has gone?

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