Here you can join the Hull City Southern Supporters.  Current memberships are for the 2022-23 season, begin the day you join up and will expire on 30 June 2023.


Membership Form

The membership form collects information about you to help us process your application. Some of the information is mandatory, those fields must be completed and are marked with a red star.

Once you join, your email address will be registered to our HCSS-Announce email announcement group. HCSS-Announce is the primary means of communication throughout the season in relation to travel, tickets, meetings, competitions and all other business conducted by HCSS. So please make absolutely sure you enter your email address accurately.

By checking the box just above the submit button you agree to abide by the requirements on members set out in the HCSS Constitution. The text of the Constitution can be seen by clicking here. We cannot process your application if you do not agree to these requirements (which boil down to “be polite when communicating with us” and “pay reasonably quickly for everything you order from us“).

Personal Information

We will store the personal information that you provide when you join HCSS. The membership secretary will store this information in a database that is kept on a secure computer.  This database will never be shared with other HCSS committee members.

Individual elements of your personal information will be shared with specific individuals within HCSS and used for particular purposes – these purposes are clearly set out when you hover your mouse over the “i” icon above each field. Your personal details will be deleted if you don’t renew your membership after five years.

All personal information that you supply will not be shared with any individuals or companies outside of HCSS. Promise.

Types of Membership

Once you complete the form below and click submit, you will be taken to a payment page where you can pay your subs using a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.  You must choose a membership that matches your age – Junior under-16, Youth 16 to 24, Adult 25-59, Senior 60 and over.

We now accept three year memberships as well as one year memberships.  You must be 22 or younger to apply for a Youth 16 to 24 three year membership.  We don’t offer a three year membership for Junior under-16s.  Further details are provided on the next page.