Proceedings of 2017 HCSS Annual General Meeting

Date: 5th July 2017
Venue: The Spread Eagle

Attendees: Richard Gardham, Harvey Fletcher, Chris Swales, James Lockwood, Paul Ashbridge, Dan Heap, Andy Clark, John Tennison, Lucy Tennison, Richard Farrow, Chris Kneeshaw, Mike Dees, Andy Beill, Keith Potter

Apologies: Ian Thomson, Mike Scott, Martin Batchelor, Nicholas Cliffe, Alistair Cliffe, Mike Lawton, Oliver Gardham

1. Chairman (Richard Gardham)

The HCSS have had a reasonable year despite the clubs relegation from the Premier League. The Allams limit what we can offer to the wider club with Tom Rowell proving to be particularly quiet towards any supporters groups aside from the OSC.

The group maintain good communications with the ticket office and thanks are expressed to Martin and Mike for their excellent efforts with ticketing.

The Travel Guide and Tigers Eye are both excellent offerings from the group and the monthly e-mail appears to offer great benefits to the members.

As a group, the HCSS need to try and offer more in the pre-match pub for attending supporters. The group need to be better on Social Media (postings on not606, Twitter, Facebook’s Hull City Fans Forum etc). The group need to increase recognition, but unsure how and are looking for suggestions. HCSS also need to encourage younger members to the group and the committee

Elected: Richard Gardham

2. Membership Report (Mike Scott, read by Richard Gardham)

Membership remains strong, with the new season already seeing 133 members signed up and £550 paid in subs,

Elected: Mike Scott

3. Treasurer (James Lockwood)

In the past season, the group has received £1274.73 in income, mainly from membership fees. The HCSS has then spent £848.79, with the biggest expenses being the Travel Guide and Tigers Eye.
The result is that the funds available in the HCSS bank account now has £2,263.04 available,
Elected: James Lockwood

4. Ticketing (Martin Batchelor, read by Richard Gardham)

Ticketing went very smoothly over the past year, despite the lack of contacts within the club.

Elected: Martin Batchelor and Mike Scott

5. Events/APFSCIL

As a group, the HCSS has been using the Spread Eagle for 10 years. Attendances at televised games is down in the past season, but it was seen that City were televised less than in past seasons.

We’ll remain using the Spread Eagle for London screenings and will try and make a big effort for the Derby game in September.

APFSCIL meetings continue to be very dry affairs, but Paul will retain attendance for the group.

Elected: Paul Ashbridge

6. Travel (Dan Heap)

Offers of group travel have seen very low levels of take up. A small group did travel to Southampton, but another attempt later in the season saw no take up.

A group offering will be done for the Norwich game in October.

Elected: Dan Heap

7. Marketing (Richard Gardham)

The group needs to identify better ways of marketing.

The group could try and put an advert in the programme, but previous approaches to Hull City have proven fruitless.

In seasons past the HCSS have had some success getting articles in programmes for away fixtures, so could be investigates, particularly with QPR being early in the season.

Chris Swales suggest re-approaching the club to offer mascots for away games.

Elected: Richard Gardham

8. Tigers Eye (Andy Clark)

Tigers Eye production goes very well and there’s an excellent group of people willing to write for it. As always, any new members wishing to pen articles is always welcome.

Elected: Andy Clark

9. Football Team (John Tennison)

The team completed their fixtures for the season, but unfortunately were relegated from the APFSCIL top division.

The team need new managers, as the current organisers Rob & Armo wish to step down from organising duties.

HCSS recognise Rob & Armo efforts and are thanks for them.

Elected: Position Open

NB. The AGM briefly had a drinks break from money kindly donated by HCSS President Mark Herman

10. Travel Guide (Ian Thomson)

The Travel Guide continues to be a huge benefit for the group.

The guide for the next season is planned to be released in the last week of July.

Elected: Ian Thomson

11. General Counsel (Ian Thomson)

No significant issues to report.

Elected: Ian Thomson

12. Social Media (Lucy Tennison)

Tweets sent out over the year and well received.

Elected: Lucy Tennison

13. AOB

Can we identify a way to simplify adding new members to HCSS Announce? Richard Gardham to ask Mike Scott.

The group could look at trying to set up 5 or 7 a side evening games for members to see if this sparks interest. Richard Gardham to investigate.

The HCSS are saddened to hear of Les Mutrie’s battle with throat cancer. The HCSS would like to try and ask older members of the group to create a book for Les recalling his days at the club.

In a meeting between Richard Gardham and Phil Brown, Phil mentioned a picture he loved of him stood at Wembley. The HCSS is looking to get a copy of the picture to present to Phil
Could the HCSS create our own Hall of Fame, making similar offerings to past City players, where HCSS members could vote for potential future inductees.

The group need to look for opportunities to subsidise group travel during the season. Dan Heap to investigate the travel to Burton Albion in April.

HCSS to provide a £50 food fund for the Derby TV game in September.

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