Voting open for 2021 HCSS Hall of Fame Inductees

Hello and welcome to the fifth instalment of the HCSS Hall of Fame inductions. We will be paring it down a bit after this year’s round, but please do vote once in each of the four sections below for the player or manager you think most deserving for our 2021 intake.

The deadline for votes is Sunday 3rd October, we will announce the winners on following Monday. Jeff Radcliffe has already been inducted as the Committee’s Choice winner, and it’s up to you to decide who joins him.

The current Hall of Fame can be viewed here.

6 thoughts on “Voting open for 2021 HCSS Hall of Fame Inductees”

  1. To make it mandatory to vote on players that played before I was born seems a little wrong. I have probably done worthy contenders down.

    Maybe reflect on that for future votes.

  2. I never saw Waggy, Chillo, Raich, Viggo, Ken Houghton and co play but I felt confident in voting for them all in previous HoF votes because of their legend, their statistics, what the club achieved in their time. I think you can appreciate a player’s contribution to Hull City (and judge it) without having seen them play.

    However, it’s unlikely we’ll have a similar voting structure in the future, as when it was launched we said we’d have multiple inductees for the first five years (to make sure we had a good spread a players representing all eras of our near 120-year history) and then limit it much more. Many Hall of Fame votes tend to have a recency bias (check out any Twitter poll on Hull City to prove this point) and this is our way of trying to ensure that all eras are well represented. If we didn’t do it this way, it’s unlikely that any pre-war player would be inducted.

  3. Hard choices, agree with the comments regarding voting for people way before my time. Just used statistics !!

    Even harder choosing between Askew and Jobson !

  4. I disagree: you need those from early eras. And some of us are old!
    I would have liked to vote for everyone in the 45-70 category but would have difficulty in even remembering some more recent players (not those listed!) because of the plethora of transient mediocrity in some more recent seasons.
    And I hope David Hall voted for Billy Askew or “Diane Hunter’s brother” as we used to call him!

    • I never said don’t have a vote for players from the past, I just don’t think it should be a mandatory vote. I am also guessing that mediocre players from any era would never be offered up.


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