Jarrod Bowen is HCSS Player of the Year for 2018/19

After a fine season of goalscoring and a subsequent sweeping of the board amongst supporters’ votes, it is no surprise to announce that Jarrod Bowen has easily won our HCSS Player of the Year vote. Well done young man.

The results are as follows:

  1. Jarrod Bowen, 160 votes
  2. Fraizer Campbell, 65 votes
  3. Kamil Grosicki, 47 votes
  4. Markus Henriksen, 18 votes
  5. Eric Lichaj, 16 votes
  6. David Marshall and Jackon Irvine, 11 votes
  7. Jordy de Wijs, 5 votes
  8. Kevin Stewart, 4 votes
  9. Reece Burke, 3 votes
  10. Tommy Elphick and Todd Kane, 2 votes
  11. Nouha Dicko, 1 vote

2 thoughts on “Jarrod Bowen is HCSS Player of the Year for 2018/19”

  1. Disappointed Reece Burke got only 3 votes, a young player committing himself to the club and imo playing consistently well in a constantly juggled defence.


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