New Inductions to HCSS Hall of Fame for 2018

We’ve been voting on the names to add to our Hall of Fame. You voted to induct the following:

Ken Houghton
Pete Skipper
Ambrose Langley
Jimmy Lodge
Tom Wilson (Committee’s Choice)

Just a reminder, players have to be retired, managers/owners have to have had nothing to do with the club for five years to be eligible. These names add to Ken Wagstaff, Ian Ashbee, Chris Chilton, Raich Carter, Dean Windass, Billy Whitehurst, Stuart Elliott, Justin Whittle, Nick Barmby, Billy Bly, Warren Joyce, Phil Brown, Andy Dawson, Adam Pearson, Tony Norman, Garreth Roberts, Andy Davidson, Harold Needler, Keith Edwards, Peter Taylor and Les Mutrie from last year’s inductions. I know there are some big names missing. They simply didn’t accrue enough votes. We’ll be adding one or two names now on an annual basis after this initial glut.

Thanks to all who voted.

Rich Gardham, HCSS Chairman


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