Proceedings of the 2019 HCSS Annual General Meeting

Date: 11th July 2019
Venue: The Spread Eagle, Woodstock Street, W1

Attendees: Richard Gardham, James Lockwood, Niall Gilchrist, Mike Lamb, Dan Heap, Chris Swales, Mike Leighton, Rob Tuffnell, Andy Beill, Andy Clark, Paul Ashbridge, Martin Batchelor, Jon Tennison, Lucy Tennison

Apologies: Mike Scott, Harvey Fletcher, Kate Ogram, Sue Brown, Peter Helsby

1. Chairman (Richard Gardham)

– Felt like a good year for the HCSS with membership numbers strong, and our visibility on social media and through things such as the Hall of Fame improving. Been able to use my book to publicise the HCSS too.

– Regretful that relations with the club are still virtually non-existent. Tried to arrange a meet-the-club night but was dismissed summarily.

– Delighted with the evening we had with Peter Taylor. Peter was terrific company throughout the night, and we only had good feedback about the whole thing. Will look to have other such evenings in the future.

– A low point this season passed was the death of long-time HCSS member Craig Sargent at only 42. The support offered to Craig’s young family – and money raised – by HCSS members and the wider Hull City fans base was incredible and something I know his family are very grateful for.

–  I’m leaving the post of HCSS chairman after seven or so years to hand over to James Lockwood. I know James will do a fantastic job. Thank you to all committee members and HCSS members for making the past seven years so enjoyable.

Elected: James Lockwood

2. Treasurer’s Report

Rob Tuffnell has kindly volunteered to help out in this role now that James is taking over as chairman. Rob will work with James for a season to learn the ropes then take on the role alone as of next season.

Elected: Rob Tuffnell

3. Legal Marketing/Social Media Report

– Twitter followers have continued to increase, up to 1,250 or so (a gain of 250 from last year).

– Fantasy football competition seems to help with our visibility and had a lot of players.

– With the demise of Amber Nectar, putting a couple of longer articles from Tigers Eye on the website seemed to go down well. Something we could look to repeat (while maintaining that TE remains primarily a print matter).

– The HDM has used me for a few articles in the past year, and I always look to publicise the HCSS there.

Elected: Richard Gardham

4. Legal Issues

– Nothing at all to report. No enquiries about the Constitution and, mercifully, no GDPR malarkey from anyone.

Elected: Ian Thomson

5. Travel Guide

– We have new pubs for Swansea, Brentford, Luton and Huddersfield but will otherwise be sticking with the current pubs for each respective venue.

Elected: Ian Thomson

6. Membership

– The three year memberships (and discounts for 60+ and 16-24 age brackets) that we started offering in Summer 2018 proved very popular, 96 signed up for three-year memberships last season with another 16 added since May.

– We ended the season with 208 members, which is 58 down on the previous season and 97 down on 2016/17, our last Premier League season.  The membership has returned to the levels we had in the early 2010s when we were last in the Championship for a few seasons.

– Regarding last season’s 208 members:

  • 124 were adults (25-59), 25 were juniors (u16), 14 were youths (16-24) and 42 were seniors (60+).  In addition, we have 3 life members.
  • The average age of our members is 44.1 years.
  • 36% of our members live in Greater London postcodes
  • 12% are from Hull and the surrounding areas

Elected: Mike Scott

7. Tickets

– Last season we honoured every single ticket order from paid members for the whole season. Bar none. 

– We processed 478 orders, well down on 650 the previous season.  We took in £10,800 via Paypal (paying them £433 for the privilege).

– The average face value price of an adult away ticket last season was £26.57, which is 2% up on 2017/18.

– If you are 21 and attended every away match, the most you would have paid was £39 and the least was £11.  The average was £20.87 (which is 3% lower than 2017/18).

– Average away match prices for younger fans (17 and under) have gone down for every year group.  Overall, the cost of away tickets for 8-16 year olds reduced by 4% last year compared to the season before.

Elected: Mike Scott and Martin Batchelor

8. Tigers Eye

– Happy with how this year’s issue went and Clarky happy to keep doing TE for next season.

Elected: Andy Clark

9. Travel

– Will continue to look to find cheap deals, though it’s getting ever harder.

Elected: Dan Heap

10. Events/APFSCIL

– Little to report since the demise of our Sunday League team with regards to APFSCIL.

– Will continue to use the revamped Spread Eagle for match screenings.

Elected: Paul Ashbridge

11. Website/HCSS Announce

– We switched ISP in March 2019 from a big and faceless mega-firm to a smaller Beverley-based firm, Yorkshire SEO.  The website is now a lot more stable and reliable, and Marcus’s responsiveness when we have a request is good.  It costs us hosting fees of £150 per year at present.

– We don’t add many posts to the website, although in part that is deliberate because we quite rightly use HCSS Announce to communicate with members, not the website.

– We might want to supplement the Announce email list with a WhatsApp group one day. 

Elected: Mike Scott

12. Any Other Business

– James has agreed to take on the monthly newsletter as editor. 

– We’ll have another round for HCSS Hall of Fame inductees. One from pre-1945, two from after, and a Committee’s Choice, who is John Cooper.

– Richard Gardham made honorary lifetime member of HCSS.

13. HCSS Committee for 2019/20

Chairman – James Lockwood
Membership Secretary – Mike Scott
Treasurer – Rob Tuffnell
Tickets – Martin Batchelor, Mike Scott
Events/APFSCIL – Paul Ashbridge
Tiger’s Eye – Andy Clark
Marketing/social media – Richard Gardham
Travel – Dan Heap
General Counsel – Ian Thomson
Travel Guide – Ian Thomson
Website and HCSS Announce – Mike Scott

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