HCSS Hall of Fame sees four new inductees added

The membership of HCSS has voted for three new inductees to the organisation’s Hall of Fame – George Maddison, Ian Butler and Gary Brabin.

In addition, the HCSS Committee has added its own Committee’s Choice to the Hall of Fame, the legendary former groundsman and club lynchpin for decades, John Cooper.

2 thoughts on “HCSS Hall of Fame sees four new inductees added”

  1. I hope the tribute provides comfort to Les s family, helping them to realise the depth of love and respect he will always have among those associated with Hull City, both as a player, and as a man

  2. Hello girlfriend. Happily we were able to present Les with a memento of his induction before his sad passing, and we were in contact with his family afterwards too, sending six copies of a commemorative book about his career that we made to his funeral for his wife and children. Both Les and his family were left in no doubt as to how loved he was in Hull.


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