Proceedings of the 2020 HCSS Annual General Meeting

Date: 17th June 2020
Venue: Zoom

Attendees: James Lockwood (Chairman), Martin Batchelor (Tickets), Ian Thomson (Legal/Travel Guide), Rob Tuffnell (Treasurer), Andy Clark (Tiger Eye), Richard Gardham (Social Media/Marketing), Paul Ashbridge (APFSCIL), Mike Scott (Membership/Website), Dan Heap (Travel), Chris Douglas, Sue Brown, Chris Tune, Christine Andrew, Jason Marvin, Andy Beill, Gary Clipson, Keith Dean, Rich Farrow, Marilyn Campbell

Apologies: Kate Ogram, Richard Thorpe, Andrew Coates, Chris Swales

1. Chairman’s Report (James Lockwood)

Despite the clubs now precarious position in the league, we’ve had a few highlights this season to report. The fans forum held at the Dorsett hotel was a great night for everybody in the group. Many thanks should go to Dave Baron for helping progress this opportunity to meet with players and staff at the club

Within the Southern Supporters, I’d like to pass on my thanks to each member of the committee who have helped this past year.

  • Rob Tuffnell has stepped in to take over my treasurer role and done very well
  • Mike and Martin again continue to excel with the ticketing and memberships in the group
  • Tommo and Pie’s contributions to the travel guide are again another highlight for members. God only knows how next season will look and whether we have a last minute panic trying to pubs in Fleetwood
  • Richard’s social media posts, particularly on Twitter have increased the visibility of the group
  • Pash has the thankless task of representing us to the APFSCIL
  • Dan with his occasional glances at train companies group offerings, before seeing there is none.

Finally I’d like to offer most thanks to Clarky for yet another excellent Tigers Eye. Unfortunately he has announced that he will step down from editing the fanzine after this season. Clarky has brought a wealth of fanzine experience to Tigers Eye with is production of his cricket fanzine, which we have benefitted from for many years. So I’d like to raise a glass again to say Thank you to Clarky.

On a personal level, I’ve had a lot of positive comments from members during my first year as Chairman of the group. Thank you to each and every one of you for the feedback. If you wish for me to retain in my role, I’d be happy to accept. I’m always willing to listen to any feedback that members are willing to offer.

Elected: James Lockwood ((Andy Clark nominated, Rich Gardham seconded)

2. Treasurer’s Report (Rob Tuffnell)

Bank account started the season £2.124.16 in credit, and has finished down at £2,009.62. Membership fees totalled £527.56 (versus £1,326 last season) and main expenses where Travel Guide (£250) and Tigers Eye (£340), as well as one-off tankard presented to John Cooper for services to club / commemorate entry to HCSS Hall of Fame. Actual account balance slightly higher at present as number of items paid but not reclaimed. Plan next season is to be able to operate the account online.

Elected: Rob Tuffnell (Rich Gardham nominated, Mike Scott seconded)

3. Social Media/Marketing Report (Rich Gardham)

Marketing has gone well, advertised through various forums (twitter, not 606). 1301 twitter followers, with members joining thanks to the twitter feed.

Hall of fame proves a worthwhile venture. John Cooper was extremely appreciative for last years award

Elected: Richard Gardham (James Lockwood nominated, Mike Scott seconded)

4. Legal Report (Ian Thomson)

Nothing to report here, either with regard to data protection issues or anything else. However, it’s time in my view to revisit the Constitution to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and reflects how we operate in practice, and I would welcome views on this as an idea as well as any individual suggestions for amendments or additions to the Constitution.

As an organisation we do, one way and another, handle significant sums of money over the course of a season and this creates an element of risk. With that in mind, what do we think about incorporating HCSS as a Company Limited by Guarantee?
Ian to draft a prospectus of what Company Limited by Guarantee would mean before being presented to the committee then made available to members

Elected: Ian Thomson (Andy Clark nominated, Rich Gardham seconded)

5. Travel Guide (Ian Thomson)

I would normally be updating the AGM at this juncture on the pub reccies that we had done or had planned and the timescale for printing and distribution of the Guide, but clearly none of that is possible at the present time. Looking ahead, it is also on the cards that we shall not receive enough notice of the resumption of fixtures at which the paying customer will be admitted to be able to rush out a TG, but in that event we shall distribute pub information for individual games via Announce pending publication of the Guide.

At the end of the season, Ian will be handing over the production of the travel guide to a new editor

Elected: Ian Thomson (Andy Clark nominated, James Lockwood seconded)

6. Membership (Mike Scott)

The final membership number for 2019-20 is 209, of which 127 are signed up for next season already. The mix of members is:

  • 117 adults
  • 50 senior 60+
  • 19 youth 16-24
  • 19 junior u16
  • 4 life

The average age is 46.34 years!

We are proposing a pay what you want membership fee for 2020/21, given the doubts about match day attendance. This will be launched in the coming days.

Elected: Mike Scott (Marilyn Campbell nominated, Rich Gardham seconded)

7. Tickets (Martin Batchelor)

Another quiet year for ticketing, especially as we have lost 5 games to the virus.

Total tickets sold: 426 (478 in 2018/19), made up of:

  • Adults: 319
  • Juniors: 25
  • Seniors: 66
  • Young Adults: 8
  • Wheelchair User: 8

We maintained our excellent relationship with the Ticket Office and were able to buy everything we wanted. The only blip of the season was when our tickets for the Leeds match went missing. The Hull City office supported us well though and the Ticket Office at Elland Road was ready to help us out, and got us in on time. Incidentally, the original tickets arrived at home the day after the match with no stamps on the envelope and postage due!

Meanwhile, Mike had no problems in collecting the money in, nor with the
ordering should football start again in a meaningful way, and pubs open in a safe manner.

Elected: Martin Batchelor (Rich Gardham nominated, Gary Clipson seconded)

8. Tigers Eye (Andy Clark)

Has run Tigers Eye for 13 years and really enjoyed time producing.

Many thanks to everybody who has written articles or involved in distribution over the years.

Andy Beill has agreed to take the fanzine on for future years

Elected: Andy Beill (Andy Clark nominated, Martin Batchelor seconded)

9. Travel (Dan Heap)

Very few obvious games for travel, but these were mid-week which removed the opportunities.

Next year whilst there maybe ground ticks available, train companies maybe less likely to offer due to covid

Elected: Dan Heap (Mike Scott nominated, Andy Beill seconded)

10. Events/APFSCIL (Paul Ashbridge)

There can be little doubt that APFSCIL plays a far less significant role for HCSS than in in the past., It is the association to which member clubs must belong in order for it’s sports clubs to take part in the various leagues and this has featured quiz, pool, darts and of course the football team. Many of these teams have now disbanded, a notable exception being the successful results attained by the pool team in recent years.

Membership is still only £5 a year, with a proviso that attendance is also required for about half of the monthly meetings. I will continue to attend some of these meetings next year if re-elected, although like many organisations the future state of APFSCIL and the ability to hold meetings will be subject to developments in the ongoing Covid 19 story.

I am primarily involved with organising TV screenings for City games, which have for a long time been held at The Spread Eagle. I would like to stress that the first choice is always for members to attend matches and to this end we have never organised a TV screening when City’s match is actually in London or thereabouts.. After some encouraging turn outs for matches last Autumn it has been notable that far fewer have been to the pub for games in this calendar year. This is I think partly because of the club’s dire form, and also due to circumstances such as the Swansea game being the same day as Valentines Night. I have established with the Spread Eagle that they are more than happy for us to return next season, as long as pub attending will have reverted to something approaching normality. We can only hope that the club remains in the Championship, as the dates of resumption of leagues below this level would appear to be somewhat uncertain.

Elected: Paul Ashbridge (James Lockwood nominated Rich Gardham seconded)

11. Website/HCSS Announce (Mike Scott)

We successfully transferred hosting of the HCSS website in February 2020 to Harper Creative Ltd based in Beverley. Things are now very reliable and stable.

HCSS-Announce continues to be our main means of communication with members.

Views are welcomed on whether it is worth us also having a WhatsApp group for rapid communications. This would need members opting into the system as part of the membership application.

Elected: Mike Scott (Marilyn Campbell nominated, Rich Gardham seconded)

12. Any Other Business

Andy Clark was voted to stay on the Committee.

HCSS Hall of fame, looking at one pre 1960, two post 1960 options to be voted in. Rich will discuss with Mike to define people to vote in.

Committee Choice for 2020 will be Don Robinson.

Following the evening with Peter Taylor, Rich will try to speak with Phil Brown to arrange an evening with him.

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